In Focus

“Bethinking our accomplishments of
the past four years while placing emphasis on the transition to the professional
design world ahead; we are IN FOCUS.”

2018: First Year Review

Students applied to the Interior Architecture & Design program with a portfolio of their first year Art + Design classes. A limited number of students are accepted into the program based on their creative skills, work ethic, and potential.

2019: Tiny House Exhibit

Throughout their 2nd year, students design a 1,000 sq. ft. ‘Tiny House’. Students complete 3D renderings, a scaled model, and a set of construction documents to showcase at the end of the year.

2019: Visiting Designer –
Campion Platt

Celebrity Designer, Campion Platt, collaborated with the Class of 2021 on a luxury penthouse residence in Shenzhen, China. With a hypothetical client in mind, students worked in groups to achieve the ideal design that meshed modern amenities with traditional Chinese luxury. These groups presented their designs to Campion Platt in person and received valuable feedback and praise.

2020: Visiting Designer –
Young Huh

 Young Huh—a renowned designer from NYC with a large social media following—worked with the Class of 2021 on a design brief for a Millennial-focused development project in the heart of the Financial District in NYC. Students worked individually to create a personable luxury apartment that could be replicated with the personal tastes of each client.

2020: Internships

After their 3rd year, students seek out professional internships to expand their knowledge, gain experience, and prepare them for their future careers. Students intern at a variety of architecture and interior design firms across the country for 6 – 12 weeks. They set goals and work closely with a mentor to meet those goals and contribute to the firm. Students return and report about their experiences to the entire Interior Architecture + Design student body and faculty.

2020-2021: Senior Exhibit –

 During their 4th year, students work hard to complete an array of projects for their Senior Capstone. The annual Senior Exhibit gives them an honorable opportunity to display some of their hard work and show just how far they have come in the past 4 years.