Carnea Williams


Favorite design program to use?

3-D AutoCAD is definitely my favorite! I am a little stubborn and do not like being limited to specific furniture manufactures, so I model the majority of the furniture seen in my renderings in AutoCAD.

What is your favorite album?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite album per say, but I listen to a lot of musicals while I work on my projects. Hamilton has always been a huge favorite, but Heathers, Beetlejuice, and Six are ones I listen to a lot recently and are some of my new favorites.

Favorite book?

Any book about dystopian societies is my favorite, like the Hunger Games and Divergent series. I love classics as well like Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, & Anthem by Ayn Rand.

What inspires you?

Obscure thoughts, nature, little things I see in a day, human interaction. Lots of things inspire me! There will be times where I see a thumbnail on Netflix and I’ll turn it into a wallpaper or I’m up late at night just thinking until my mind twists obscure objects, like a book, into interesting furniture pieces. Inspiration truly is all around; it just takes opening your eyes and a little creativity to see it.

Favorite TV show?

Friends! I think I’ve watched all 10 seasons from beginning to end about 3 or 4 times.

What can't you live without?

I could not live without my family. Each of my 5 siblings and my parents have supported me so much throughout all my schooling endeavors. My husband has been a huge aid to me as well. Throughout this past year of being stuck at home with no one to look at or discuss my work with me, he was right there to lend his insight and a shoulder to lean on. There is no doubt in my mind that I am where I am today because I had them.



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