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Inspiration Board

Alluvial is a state-of-the-art clinic that welcomes a wide variety of patients. With the fast pace lifestyle individuals are facing in this modern day, we often forget the value of slowing down to take care of ourselves. Like an oasis in a desert, the sanctuary offers a place of refuge, pleasant change from the usual, and overall a sense of calmness in this restless world. Inspired by the idea that things of great substance can be found in your own symbolic oasis in the desert, Alluvial offers an experience where patients can find that sanctuary.

Floor Plan

1 – Waiting Area
2- Check In
3- Check Out
4- Restroom
5- Storage
6- Managers Office
7- Consultation Room
8- Exam Room
9- Hallway
10- Administrative Workroom
11- Practitioners Workroom
12- Staff Lounge