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Regional eCommerce Office for Birkenstock

Located in an urban pedestrian area, this office space for Birkenstock takes care of all the e-Commerce business transactions that are done in the surrounding region.

Original Concept Plan

This was the preliminary hand drawing and layout for the landscape and infrastructure that surrounded the office building. There was space for a parking area and two building pads with multiple points of access. There were also plenty of urbanized pedestrian areas that linked all the active recreations areas and park spaces together.

Color Concept Plan

This second preliminary hand drawing helped further develop the concept into color and shapes. Adding barriers between areas and additional access routes to the parking lot were also explored.

Illustrative Plan

The concept began to be further developed and more intricately displayed in this hand drawn illustrative plan. Vegetation, a playground, and tentative material applications were added to the site to elevate the design.

Schematic Plan

This site plan drawn in AutoCAD was able to accurately demonstrate what the final overall site would look like from a birds-eye view. Material application and various landscape textures helped tell the story.

Furniture Plan for Building A

This Furniture Plan allows Birkenstock to house Web Developers, a Marketing team, a Finance team, and a Photography team all in one regional location to streamline efficiency and create a unified work environment. There are also multiple meeting and seating areas to facilitate collaboration throughout the entire space.