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Map of Flora

Bloom is a Wallpaper collection inspired by the most abundant flora on each of the seven continents of the world. Drawing inspiration from the colors, textures, and cultures of that continent along with the actual flora itself.

North America – Black-eyed Susan
South America – Acai Palm
Europe – Yarrow
Asia – Lotus Flower
Australia – Acacia (Wattles)
Africa – Baobab
Antarctica – Lichen

Black-eyed Susan - Mood Board

The Black-eyed Susan is the most common wildflower across all of America and occurs in many places in vast numbers.

Acai Palm - Mood Board

The Açai Palm is thought to be the most abundant plant in the Amazon Rainforest. It is a canopy species that grows over 65 feet tall. Its berries feed a diversity of animals, including parrots, toucans, monkeys, macaws, and more.

Yarrow - Mood Board

The Yarrow is a flowering plant that is regarded as the most common native species over all temperate Europe.

Lotus Flower - Mood Board

The Lotus is a flower that is grown in Asia that blooms atop the water. It typically symbolizes rebirth, regeneration, purity, and enlightenment. It also has many medicinal and culinary uses that Hindus and Buddhists value alike.

Acacia (Wattles) - Mood Board

The species of Acacia or Wattle Trees are often characterized as Australia’s floral emblem. They are widespread across the country and flower abundantly during the seasons of spring and summer.

Baobab - Mood Board

The Baobab trees or often referred to as upside-down giants, are possibly the continent of Africa’s most iconic tree. They are ginormous and covered in fire-resistant bark which also helps them power through droughts with extraordinary resistance.

Lichen - Mood Board

The flora of Antarctica mainly consists of around 250 species of Lichen as well as many species of moss.