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Front Exterior Rendering

The Boys and Girls Club provides an inexpensive experience for the children of the Western Treasure Valley to gather with friends and enjoy their afternoons after a long school day.

Back Exterior Rendering

Behind the Boys and Girls Club is a wonderful site where the youth and teens can spend time outdoors under the supervision of a youth development professional.

Mood Board

The overall goal of the design of this Boys and Girls Club is to create a joyful, energetic space for the youth and teens to spend their energy and learn more about themselves and what they love to do.

First Floor Plan

The first floor consists of youth activity rooms, a front lobby, and a cafeteria.

Second Floor Plan

The second floor houses staff offices, a staff lounge room, and teen spaces.

Site Plan

I was able to collaborate with a landscape architect student in order to produce this fun site plan. A soccer field was a must as it is the most popular attraction for the current facility. Parking is helpful and a pavilion allows for a greater variety of outdoor activities.

Check In and Out Desk

The front lobby is a space where all of the youth can come into the building, out of the weather, and check in and out. It is imperative that all people coming in and out of the building are accounted for.

Cubbies Hallway

The cubbies hallway provides a space for the youth to drop off their coats and backpacks so that they can easily find them again at the end of the day. Its location is right behind the front lobby so that it is on their way in and out of the building.

Teen Space

The teen lounge is a casual space for the middle school and high school students to hang out. This provides a safe haven for them to have mentors and good activities to be doing instead of being home alone or doing other things they should not be doing.

Construction Documents