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I was inspired to research this topic after seeing some of the challenges my friend was facing due to color blindness. Using an existing building, plans were created for a center that houses both a museum and clinic. This center is an attempt to inform the public of existing challenges due to color blindness and our build environment, and to provide potential treatment options. Colors were selected after a careful study of how spaces may appear to someone who is color blind


A custom logo was designed and inspired by the Ishihara test, which is commonly used to test for red-green color deficiencies. This test utilizes colors that a person with red-green color blindness or normal vision will be able to distinguish


Exterior rendering, shows both the museum and clinic entrances


The museum allows visitors to experience everyday challenges encountered by those who are color blind. Challenges deal with transportation, food selection and preparation, card games, and wayfinding

Exam Room

Testing for color blindness is available at the clinic along with potential treatment options


Colors and patterns in the space are easily distinguishable to both normal vision and color blind vision

Construction Documents