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There is a shortage of education and literacy centers in Africa. The lack of facilities where people can learn to read and write is fueling many social issues including illiteracy. This low literacy rate then leads to life-long employment struggles, financial issues, marital problems, and poverty. The low education levels perpetuate poverty, and it has been shown that poverty levels are dependent and often dictated on knowing how to read and do math. The children’s literacy center will encourage learning from a young age to hopefully curb the poverty cycle and also meet the educational needs of the local children and families. It will be full of a variety of books and learning utensils from local as well as foreign cultures and be equipped with accessible technology tools.

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Fun, bright, bold, and textural.

Open Classroom

This literacy center is designed to satisfy varying learning styles and is an uplifting environment for children to utilize and supplement additional learning. This literacy center in Ghana is constructed using traditional building materials to enhance the rich African culture and create a sense of home yet is also designed to bring the energy that encompasses modern design. This space is meant to encourage growth, explore knowledge, and develop reading skills.