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Cooper residence was purchased as a DIY renovation project. It was built in the 1920s and has lost much of its charm due to time and along the way renovations. Its floor plan is small with only two bedrooms and one bathroom while not even having a shower. The client wants to merge this space with a more retro/modern style to bring his own personality into the space.

Original Floor Plan

The client’s main wishes with the space is to make it an open concept floor plan, create a functional kitchen, add more storage areas, and separate the laundry and bathroom.

Final Floor Plan

After many iterations of the floor plan, this is the one that made the most sense for his lifestyle.

Bathroom Elevations

The bathroom is moving however it remains to be the only bathroom on the first floor. For this reason, having two doors leading into this space added more function as well as making it large enough to be comfortable getting ready in.

Kitchen Elevations

The client is a nutrition scientist, making the kitchen an extremely important space. Not only does the client want a nice space, it needs to be functional and house items such as the yogurt incubator and an ice cream machine. The solution to this was a large sized pantry with both full wall shelves, and a countertop area to place small appliances.

Final Furniture Plan

It is important to the client to use existing vintage furniture that will be reupholstered or refinished to add more personality to the space. Some of these pieces include a record player, a dining table, a wingback chair, and a sofa.