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Business begins, but the fun doesn’t end. Upon entering the Coral Cove Aquarium offices, guests are greeted with tall, vibrant ceiling patterns and natural materials. Grouped by color, each section of the office is clearly marked, with signage for navigation. Ceiling and carpet colors coordinate to make it simple to get where you need to be.

Open Offices

An open floor plan allows for collaboration to thrive. This also opens the opportunity for a ‘wave’ of color to flow through the full length of the office.

Rendered Floor Plan

Shaw Contract made it possible to use the floor as a wayfinding technique. Amalgam Ore LVT lines the walkways, and Observe carpet tile in 6 colorways (Calm Oceans, Deepest Skies, Lava Springs, Mountain Lake, Untamed Forests, and Wild Flora) utilizes the various shades of blue and teal to create an ocean-like color scheme across the spatial distinctions.

Rendered Ceiling Plan

Black ACT creates a deep and spatial effect. The colorful ceiling clouds then help to distinguish separate zones, and the ‘wave’ creates continuous flow that connects the whole office. A custom wood slat ceiling resembles the round waves of the deep sea. The lighting was selected and placed to emphasize the curves and flow of the unique ceiling patterns.