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Loved by People and The Environment

Research presentation focusing on how buildings through the implementation of the LEED and Living Building Challenge guidelines could be built in a way to decrease the amount of CO2 the building sector releases annually.

Floor Plan

The space plan of this building was really focusing on the daylight and views accessible to those inhabiting the space. The infusion rooms at the top have views out the floor to ceiling windows that make up the back wall overlooking the gardens on site. The space also had to take function into serious consideration the location and structure around the MRI, X-rays, and PET-CT scan machines had to more specific then between the consultation rooms. There also needed to be enough space for the doctors and nurses to have places to work and prepare treatment.

Specialist Interview

In order to better understand what went on during cancer treatments I reached out to a current cancer patient who does infusions about every three weeks for the past four years, and a nurse who has experience in cancer treatment. Through their insights and other conversations with them I was able to better understand the requirements and what was needed of the spaces.

Infusion Room

The infusion rooms are where the patients will be spending a majority of their time in this building. The space needed to be comforting and homey while still providing the designed functions for both patient and nurse.

Consultation Room

The consultation room is where patients with their families are able to meet with doctors to discuss progress and different treatments. The space was designed to be very peaceful and hopeful as conversations with the doctors can be stressful events. The screens allow for easy conversation and sharing of data.

Loved by people and the environment