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Located in the heart of downtown in the master-planned community Daybreak, Utah, this flagship Apple store is a plaza made for people. Only 10,000 square feet of built space sits on multiple acres adjacent to public transportation, restaurants, residences, and business. The floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure allows the store to be present, yet disappear in the surrounding landscape. Earning enough points for LEED Platinum certification, this store reflects Apple’s commitment to building environmentally- and people-friendly buildings. It becomes more than a store; it’s a hub for the community to socialize, gather, and spread joy.


The interior feels spacious, yet warm. Thanks to high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling, frameless glass, views to the landscaping outside provide outstanding views in the heart of the city. Copious amounts of natural light flood the space, but large eaves protect from the heat of the midday sun. Apple’s minimalist retail philosophy is maintained, while providing a unique feel and flow between the Retail, Genius Bar, and Workshop areas. Integrated seating around the store becomes a part of the elegant architecture; allowing guests to stick around and feel welcomed at any time.


This flagship Apple store feels cohesive with the brand, but also completely unique. The rammed earth walls forming the main structure of the building pay homage to Utah’s gorgeous Southern Red Rock landscape. A space-frame roof sits elegantly atop four pillars and carries multiple symbolic purposes.

The flat, thin profile of the roof mirrors Apple’s new direction with product design. The large cantilevered eaves and extremely large, frameless glass panels help the ceiling appear weightless.

Floor Plan

Apple’s iconic minimal retail design has been replicated and studied by companies around the world. The principles of this design were maintained, while conforming to the structure and needs of the space. The retail area, with distinctions for separate products, is front and center and in full view of the surrounding glass enclosure. Within the rammed earth structure, the genius bar and workshop areas coexist with a lite barrier of live trees which add life to the interior. Both sides of the building have entry access and the curved glass panels extend the footprint without making the building appear larger.

Site Plan

From a bird’s-eye view, the profile of the roof takes the same shape as an ‘app’ on an iPhone. This store fits in the community as a piece of a whole. Thanks to the grid layout of the downtown, buildings are laid out like ‘apps’ of the community, serving various purposes and creating a cohesive and enriching experience to all who live there.

Various walking paths, ample parking, proximity to public transit, and vast amounts of green space and outdoor event space allow the community to gather here as a destination for a variety of activities outside of shopping for Apple products.