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District 34 is a futsal facility located in Ohio, home of two major league futsal teams. This spunky design features bold colors applied throughout the interior and exterior spaces. the facility is used by teams of all ages including kids, teens, and adults.


Exterior rendering of facility

First Floor Plan

Space planning for this facility included reception, offices, a café, restrooms, locker rooms, storage, and the courts

Mezzanine Floor Plan

A mezzanine level hosts additional offices and lounge seating for guests to watch the games in style


Acoustical wood panels and felt tiles create interesting visual elements in addition to their functional value in this large space


 The cafe, adjacent to the courts, is a great place to grab a snack and watch the game


This facility features two full size futsal courts. Bold colors from the exterior are seen again in the court surfaces


The mezzanine provides the perfect resimercial(short for residential commercial) atmosphere people are becoming accustomed to in their commercial environments