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Floor Plan

I have created a gathering place for Deepa Doshi and Owen O’Brien designed with the intent of elegantly integrating bohemian and rustic design styles along with functionality and odes to Deepa’s Indian heritage. This simple, elegant kitchen is perfectly tailored to the needs and wants of the Doshi / O’Brien family, creating a space that will be the heart of their home.

Kitchen View 1

Ample prep space was added in this kitchen layout through the inclusion of an island along with the surrounding countertops. The bar area with an awning window that opens up to the deck at the rear of the kitchen provides a landing area between the deck and kitchen where Owen can prepare food for grilling and serve his amazing dishes. The awning window also provides a great landing area for dirty dishes as well for when the family eats outside. The family members can simply pass their dishes through the open window, creating an easier cleaning process for Deepa.

Kitchen View 2

Eco-friendly concrete countertops were used throughout the kitchen to incorporate sustainable elements into the design along with wood cabinetry from Terramai. The upper dark cabinetry and lower light cabinetry create beautiful contrast that add a level of intrigue to this kitchen. In addition to the sustainable countertops and cabinetry, the custom vent hood is made of copper which has superior thermal and electrical conductivity and is 100% recyclable, making it a truly green material. With the pattern that pays odes to Deepa’s Indian heritage and its central location in the kitchen, the vent hood is the perfect statement and conversation piece.

Kitchen View 3

Bright yellows and reds along with dusty pinks reminiscent of common Indian colors shine through the kitchen décor and area rug runners. The mirror in the bar/coffee station nook was also included with the intent to provide another visual element to Deepa’s heritage.