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Branding Planning

The overall design of the space was decided during the branding phase. The space was to use the colors based off the neon lit futuristic alley ways of Tokyo. The main logo of the record surrounded by neon is meant to be simple and easily identifiable while the line art of the hand holding headphones works as an extra detail in product packaging.

Floor Plan

The Floor plan is quite simple keeping to the preexisting lot that was selected in a historical main street location. The floor plan was divided into three major sections. The first off the main street being the record shop which leads into the café with a second entrance from a side street, and then the kitchen and food preparation area with a back entrance for employees.

Front Desk

 The Front desk is the first thing that you see as you enter the building off the main street. It is meant to be bold first impression while also being utilitarian for check out and information if needed about the space.

Sitting Area

 The Flip Side Record shop and Café is meant for a place of community where locals can have somewhere to spend time. The sitting area encourages patrons to have a seat get a coffee from the café and maybe even crank out some work.

Record Shelves

This project boasts bright and bold colors but in order to not overwhelm the space few patterns. The main pattern found throughout the space is a custom wall covering and textile that is an overlay of neon lights on a gloppy abstract oil painting. The combination of two different mediums of art created the wall covering that anchors this space with other more subtle pattern from the texture of the concrete casted shelves.


The café is the second half of the space there are many different sitting arrangements allowing for a quick bite to eat or to settle in with a computer and enjoy an afternoon. Using the bold use of black walls in this area was able to contrast with the neon pastels while also high lighting the art choices and pattern use.

Coffee Cup with Logo

Something that people are going to see out and about that will be quickly identifiable and iconic.

Business Card

Just a nice little take away from the shop.

Sign Mock Up

 A sign to be put outdoors letting patrons and passerby’s know that the shop is open and what today’s specials might be in the café.