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Fortiza Resort

Costa Rica is a beautiful country full of culture and vibrance. Located in the intersection of the jungle and shoreline of this fantastic , Fortiza Resort is the prime getaway for any adventurous couple looking for a secret hideaway in the jungle. At Fortiza, we are passionate about sustainability and public health. 

Following guidelines from both the WELL v2 and LEED v4 sustainable building codes, this resort was designed to exemplify the use of green materials and sustainable building practices. Meeting a Gold Standard in the LEED certification test and including elements from all of the WELL categories, we believe that Fortiza is on the frontier of sustainable resort design. This resort will have the best air and water quality, exceptional use of daylighting and circadian rhythm lighting systems, and meet all the thermal, acoustical, and material needs that any guest may want with individual thermal control, adequate wall and door construction and locally sourced wood and cement. 

Because of the hot and wet climate in Costa Rica, we paid special attention to rainwater management and heat island reduction. The majority of hard surfaces in the resort are permeable pavement. Walkways are solid to allow for accessibility needs and easy transportation of supplies, but wherever possible, native plants provide a natural water runoff management system. With site selection, we were very mindful of existing wildlife habitats and chose to locate our resort away from those areas to help preserve the diversity found in Costa Rica.

Additionally, we care about people. All food is made fresh and locally sourced as much as possible with special attention to people with allergies and food needs. We support the local community, through purchasing local art and resources in addition to hiring people in the area. At Fortiza, we aim to become completely energy self-sufficient by 2030 through the use of solar panel roofing systems on all roof structures. To encourage healthy eating practices, we  provide on site gardens for both the guests and the employees to enjoy free of charge. Fortiza is determined to make their resort the best it can be.

The Treehouse

Each treehouse is designed for one family only and will serve up nothing but the most comfortable bedding and beautiful views. With one way glass on all windows, it makes it comfortable for the guest to enjoy the scenery but also stay private. These treehouses are made from local materials and are each unique with their own little surprise. The single level treehouse was specifically designed for someone in a wheelchair so it is completely accessible and very easy to maneuver with large walkways, a big bathroom, and extra wide doors. Additionally, in all facilities in the resort, water saving measures are taken with the use of water sense fixtures and energy efficient appliances.

The Welcome Center

The Welcome Center is the first place people go when entering the resort. This is where the guests will get their keys, obtain advice about food and dining preferences, and schedule excursions. The green wall behind the front desk is a great introduction to the hotel. With layered ceiling elements and soaring windows, this area is the perfect place to get in the mood for a luxury stay. Locally sourced wood, and biophilic elements create a feeling of wellness and peace.

The Vista Restaurant

This open air garden restaurant is telling of what else the resort has in store. With interior palm trees, planter boxes, and stunning art glass, Vista is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat before heading off on the next grand adventure. A variety of seating provides options for comfortable dining and accessibility. The bamboo flooring is purchased from sustainable forests and is a much more renewable resource compared to traditional wood floors. Operable windows, ceiling fans, and additional ventilation systems throughout the space make this restaurant a safe and comfortable place to eat.

The Complex & Recreation Center

The Complex building includes the spa, recreation center, and gym. Three stories of fun and relaxation, this is a must see at the resort. The first floor is where guests go to get pampered. With massages, an integrative mud therapy space, and other temperature therapy options, the spa area will keep you looking young and feeling even younger. The elevator will take you to a second floor. A teenager’s dream awaits with a 35’ tall rock wall, bouldering wall, and bowling alleys. This floor has a beautiful 360 degree view of the resort and even has flex space to sit outside and enjoy the tropical weather. Finally, the third floor is equipped with the latest exercise technology and even includes a custom jungle gym to push the workout to the next level.