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This logo was designed with hills in mind. The literal idea of a hill was taken into consideration as well as the symbolic idea of how a hill can represent the challenges that arise in life. To overcome that challenge, the incline must be faced to enjoy the reward of the decline. These challenges aren’t faced alone and the slits of color within the overall triangle reach out to each other creating another inner triangle that represents the unity found in the guidance of others.

Floor Plan

Iocu Running Co. is a lively, all-encompassing shoe store established in the city of Las Vegas. Located in the urban environment, it is a convenient spot to shop for new running shoes, get advice on how to better take care of your body as a runner, and try out the newest shoes in a variety of brands including: New Balance, Asics, Nike, Brooks, and more. The colors and patterns in the store were influenced by the newest shoe releases and best sellers of various running shoe lines. This store is a vigorous and unique experience for each customer to enjoy and be a part of.

Retail Displays

The innovative product displays were created from the idea of inclines and declines (hills that we conquer), shoes, and lockers. The lockers in particular are especially intriguing within the space as they are made of clear acrylic so that customers can view the shoes through the display or engage in the experience by opening and closing the lockers.

Checkout Desk

The checkout desk was inspired by the shape of a running shoe. The desk provides another opportunity for the customers to fully immerse themselves in the store’s retail experiences as the guests are invited to contribute stickers to the ones that already cover the checkout desk.