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Inspiration Board

Local Paws is an animal shelter located in Daybreak, Utah. This shelter is designed to offer a humane housing facility for animals in need. The shelter embraces design that provides comfort, safety, and compassion for both the animals, employees, and community. Local Paws strives to end the killing of abandoned and shelter animals, therefore this design is meant to be replicated across the nation.

Floor Plan

The original design of the floor plan was derived by the initials of Local Paws “LP”. However, the highest priority of the floor plans was inspired by the local needs and standards of the Humane Society. Each space was thoughtfully designed based on the comfort for both the animals and employees which included incorporating three separate entries. Which provides adoptive parents clear direction to the type of animal they would like to adopt, also giving animals their own piece of the floor plan.

Dog Housing

This space was designed for the wellbeing of the canines. Each canine is given their individual home to offer a sense of comfort and safety, as well having direct access to the outdoors giving them the choice of environment that makes them feel most comfortable.

Cat Houing

This space is designed to create a superior introduction to adoptable cats with an open free range lay out. Included in the design is housing for both nonsocial cats as well as communal housing for those who enjoy the company of others. Connected to this space is a cat friendly outdoor play area where the cats can receive fresh air and more natural interaction.

Construction Documents