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Stage Elevation

The focus of this space is the stage with all seats having a view of it in one way or another. The Stage pulls all of the themes of the space together it has the detail and opulence found during art deco and the deep saturated colors that create an over all mood of secrecy in The Lou. With antique mirrors on either side of the stage the light is reflected around the floor creating the atmosphere that is inspired from the saying smoke and mirrors, and where better to evoke that mood than in a speakeasy.

Historical Precedent

The Inspiration for The Lou came from historical sources and stories.

Bar Concept Sketch

Sketching helps a lot with the beginning ideas of a space. Something that will eventually become and refined, and usually quite different from the original idea. Some of the base concepts might stay the same while others are tossed and replaced with different ideas. For instance, the sloping end of the bar and the slatted wood stayed, while the lights and the types of stools changed.

Behind Bar Concept Sketch

This Sketch to construction documents stayed pretty similar with much refinement, as seen in the linked construction documents.

Booth Concept Sketch

This was the main concept that chose the material selection of the space with the raw original brick exposed while being inset with weathered wood which was contrasted by LED strip lights that back lit the wood slats creating a feeling of old and sophistication at once.

Light Specifications

Light played a huge role in creating the over all emotion of the space. Gold and crystal created a feeling of glamor against the saturated colors found in the space.

Luminaries and Light Sources

Mixing modern lights with more historical pieces created a narrative of taking inspiration from the past and meshing it with the modern aspects of design which was showed in the lighting selection.


It needed to create a statement that would be easily identifiable something elegant yet bold, The Lou logo was able to accomplish that.

Construction Documents