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Virtual Tour

Using Lumion software, this virtual tour allows you to walk through the National Park Visitors Center and experience it for yourself!

Exterior Front View

A closer look at the exterior of The Great Smoky Mountain National Park Visitors Center. Ample spaces for hikers and visitors to gather both indoor and out.

Sky Bridge

This visitors center features a sky bridge that overlooks the beautiful scenery. It is fit with informational signs and seating for learning about the park as it is in view! It connects the informational amphitheater and museum spaces.

First Floor Plan

There are two entrances on the main level. One will connect you to restrooms, a lounge, and a media library. The other will lead you to the interactive museum and gift shop. Both are connected by the glass sky bridge above.

Second Floor Plan

The second level is the ideal place to take in the views and learn about The Great Smoky Mountains.

Exterior Read View Sunset Sky

Visitors may be coming by at all times of the day, so it was crucial that the building was stunning in any light. The rear of the building shows ample patio seating for gathering.

Exterior Rear View

Through the large windows you can view a portion of the interactive museum and take in more of the beautiful scenery.

Patio Views

Sitting by the fire or resting after a long hike, this patio space is the perfect spot!

Front Elevation

It’s all in the details! This front elevation view gives more insight on the features of the building.

Stair Detail

There are two staircases in the visitors center. This gives more details on one of them.

Rendered Elevation

This elevation shows the large fireplaces located underneath the skybridge. The large chimney extends beyond the roofline.


Another view of the front patio space!

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