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Partial Renovation Floor Plan

This primary care clinic is located on the 13th floor of a hypothetical hospital in Chicago. It would have great views of Lake Michigan and for this reason, I based the design off of those views.

Partial Renovation Reception Desk

Getting help checking in or checking out is an easy experience in this design. Privacy plexiglass screens help with sound and the counterheights offer flexibility of transactions. The built-in custom desk behind the receptionists also helps to add additional office supply storage.

Partial Renovation Waiting Room

Stocked with magazines, an aquarium to the side, and plenty of room to plug in a laptop or phone, the room is perfect for long waits.

Partial Renovation Exam Room

Patients often feel nauseous in the exam room after either drawing blood or getting a shot. The primarily used color in this room was chosen to lessen this effect with a cool blue.

Partial Renovation Check in Kiosk

Simple, easy to find, and easy to use are this kiosk’s qualities. Located directly in front of the entrance to the clinic, the kiosk stands to relieve the receptionist’s duties of checking everyone in and out. With this new technology, the primary job of the receptionists will be to help those who are new to fill out necessary forms, schedule appointments, and to check people out. This makes for a much simpler way of running the clinic.

Full Renovation Floor Plan

Flexibility and room to grow in the future is the goal of the full renovation design. The clinic consists of a manager’s office, a file room, two self check-in tablet stations, a checkout desk, flexible waiting room, practitioner’s work room, administrator’s workroom, 12 large exam rooms, one consultation room, large staff lounge, and a few storage closets.

Full Renovation Reception Desk

Carved into an inviting circular form to feel inclusive and calming. Lighting is also an important aspect of this design in order to provide a level of comfort for both patients and receptionists.

Full Renovation Waiting Room

Provides ample seating for waiting patients while also providing plenty of entertainment consisting of a variety of appropriate magazines, a television, and a few scenic photographs. The planters and hanging lights create separation in the large room. Seating is bariatric friendly, allows for flexible arrangements and is upholstered with performance fabric making it easy to keep clean.

Partial Renovation Floor Plan Full Renovation Floor Plan