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The purpose of this project was to create an OBGYN Center that not only focused on the cleanliness of its material selections and facility, but also emphasized developing a space where women felt welcome and at peace with their surroundings. Too often the interiors of centers such as this one and other healthcare facilities are overlooked and the user’s come as an afterthought to the design. Saguaro Deseret, located in Gilbert, Arizona, draws on the natural beauties of the state’s mountains, waterfalls, and rock formations, utilizing biophilic design to create a sense of calm within its occupants. The modern style with artistic reference to the beauty of the female body along with the use of biophilic design, creates a space where women can feel welcome and calmed, rather than nervous or frustrated.

Reception Desk

The reception area fulfills a variety of biophilic design patterns. First, the “Visual Connection with Nature” pattern is accomplished through the use of river stones in the reception desk, fulfilling the naturally occurring portion of the pattern. “Connection with Natural Systems” and “Biomorphic Forms and Details” are both satisfied by the wood slat wall behind the reception desk that mimics the curving rock formations in Arizona’s canyons. Also, the specification of different wood tones and natural stone in the interior materials and finishes fulfill the “Material Connection with Nature” pattern. Lastly, the overall design of the reception desk accomplishes the pattern “Risk and Peril” with its appearance of defying gravity, giving the space a thrilling and exciting atmosphere.

Exam Room

The “Visual Connection with Nature” pattern can also be seen in the exam rooms through the inclusion of landscape paintings which fulfills the simulated visual connection with nature.