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Main Floor Plan

A children’s justice center is a single location where all child protective professions can gather to create a more seamless process of interviewing children who have experienced abuse. This floor mostly functions around the interview rooms which are the primary areas where children would be found. It was important to ensure their comfort and safety, so various nooks were included in the space planning to help the young children feel more secure.

Second Floor Plan

This floor mostly serves as the office space and sanctioned areas for employees. A wing for the nurse’s office is located on this floor as well, but close to the stairs that connect it to the interview rooms below.

Exterior View

The exterior of this building and overall design was inspired by the Spanish Revival style. Prevalent in San Antonio, Texas, this style was employed to cultivate a feeling of home for the children that would be using the structure.

Courtyard - Plan View

This courtyard was designed through collaboration with a practicing landscape architect. The courtyard was inspired by the Spanish Revival style as well, as it utilizes terracotta paving tiles, brick, and fountains.

Courtyard Elevation View

The courtyards various white planter boxes are filled with native plants to San Antonio, TX. Native plants were used to reduce water consumption. The plants include: Coastal Live Oak trees, Texas Bluebonnets, & Milky Way Speckled Cast Iron shrubs.

Courtyard Hand Rendering

This main courtyard space is separated from the main entrance space by a wall and decoratively detailed wooden gate so that this space can be used to calm distressed children. It is conveniently located to the therapy rooms just inside the double doors that would be seen to the left.

Construction Documents