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This homeless shelter was designed around the module of the high-box shipping container. Steel beams and columns form an exoskeleton to hold the shipping containers in place. The shipping containers are rested on the steel framing and help give the rest of the typical framing structure. The design of the building is unique because of the shipping container module that was used.

The Seattle Urban Sanctuary is a homeless shelter for women and children. It features different room sizes to accommodate different families. The facility is also equipped for wanderers who do not have access to a restroom or showers and will help feed the homeless population of Seattle. The shelter features a laundry room, a playroom, administrative office spaces, a classroom, study spaces, tv lounges, and a commercial kitchen.

Overall, I feel that this project was successful. It pushed me to think outside of the box when it came to the structural side of things. It was fun to play around with the way one shape can be manipulated to create different forms.

Construction Documents
Floor Plan 1 Floor Plan 2 Floor Plan 3
Floor Plan 4 Floor Plan 5