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Historic Photo

The original restaurant contained a lunch counter where people could stop by for a quick bite during their stops at the station. A drop ceiling was later added, covering up the vaulted ceilings, in order to add a restaurant section as well as a kitchen.

Current Photos

Similar to the rest of the building, the walls are tagged with graffiti and parts of the stone walls have been removed. Previous attempts to renovate and restore the building have removed the framing for the drop ceiling as well as some of the flooring and the lunch counter.

New Plan

Instead of a restaurant, this space would become a café. Booths would be added under the massive windows and through the center of the room. Part of the original space will be closed off to make room for the larger kitchen in order to be up to code. Bistro tables will fill in the rest of the space to provide a variety of seating options.

Inspiration Board

The inspiration for the new space was influenced by a moody palette. Rich colors and woods would be used throughout the space and glass chandeliers would be placed over the window booths and throughout the rest of the space to utilize the natural light coming from the windows as well as add beauty and sophistication to the space.