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Front Windows

When first thinking of Steelcase most people thing of office spaces with their well-known office chairs and adjustable desks. This project was to show the other side of their brand which is their more lounge or residential based items. In this view there is shown a sitting room and a dining/at home office space.

Floor Plan

The floor plan was pulled from an existing showroom in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago using the existing walls and then segmented into different spaces with removable walls or dividers that are in Steelcase’s inventory. The space planning revolved around dining spaces, living spaces, and at home offices.

Furniture and Materials Boards

These boards are to show the over all color scheme and materials used in the space along with most of the items that could be found on the showroom floor in the different spaces.

Home Office

During the Covid-19 pandemic working or learning from home became much more common place for many families throughout the world. This space was an opportunity to show that even though it is an adjustment to add an office into the home there are ways to do it that make it feel seamless and homey while still being functional.

Living Space Set UP

This render was to showcase how a residential feeling space could be put into a commercial setting as well. This space could be used as a living room in a residence or a waiting room in a clinic. Even though a brand tends to focus in one area of design does not mean it can not be used in other aspects.

Furniture and Material Boards