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Rug Collection Inspiration Board

Utah’s outdoor escapes are as diverse as they are spectacular. From the Wasatch Mountain Range all the way down to the red rocks of Lake Powell, Utah is filled with nature’s most extraordinary artwork. Inspired by four contrasting environments, the Wasatch Mountain Range, Bonneville Salt Flats, Little Sahara, and Arches National Park, this project seeks to feature abstractions for a sustainable rug collection. Featuring the diversity of these four landscapes, each rug design was conducted thoughtfully through the study of science, understanding of history, and personal involvement. This was accomplished by engaging in field studies within each location, visiting museums, reading personal stories, and examining the distinctive surroundings through photography and memory. Encompassing the importance of protecting our environment to sustain the natural beauty that surrounds us, extensive research was conducted for the collection to consist of renewable, recyclable, and bio-based products.

Wasatch Rug

Wasatch Mountain Range is a 9’x13’ rug made from recycled polyester. Designed for residential and commercial use. Its variety of colors make the rug impressionable for any interior space.

Arches Rug

Arches National Park is a 9’x13’ rug made from biosynthetic fiber. Designed for residential use or commercial use.

Bonneville Salt Flats Rug

Bonneville Salt Flats is a 9’x13’ rug made from organic wool. Designed for residential use.

Little Sahara Rug

Little Sahara is a 9’x13’ rug made from organic wool. Designed for residential use.