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Valor Real Estate Agency is a high end real estate agency that specializes in large commercial projects. This firm was designed to handle the variety of employees needed for such a task and includes a lot of staff and customer amenities in order to create a positive work environment. This building was also designed using the principles of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese design practice that is used to enhance spaces and create a feeling of balance and unity. As I designed the space, I made sure to apply the good principles used in Feng Shui in addition to proven workplace design practices. This combination led to a stunning, open concept space full of a variety of materials, work areas, and seating options. Now the firm has room to grow and will be on the forefront of forward thinking workplace design concepts. Finally, I included furniture from Steelcase in order to meet the needs of this agency and provide high quality products for the consumer. 

Additionally, this project is the culmination of a research grant I received last summer. The point of my research was to discover the correlation between Feng Shui and mental health in addition to whether or not Feng Shui was a practical solution in workplace design. As I explored these ideas, I interviewed professionals throughout the industry and read numerous articles on these topics. If you want to learn more about my research, I included my poster presentation for reference.