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This is a project I never thought I would have completed as an interior design student at Utah State University. I was approached by a group of business students who needed someone who could help them design a building for the Utah Real Estate Competition and so I joined the team. Together we came up with a mixed use development idea located on a 4 acre parcel at 900 South and 500 West in Salt Lake City. This development was aimed to help the low income population within the city and create access to a grocery store in this neighborhood. The building also includes office space available for rent. We worked together to create a development that was financially and structurally plausible, had the appropriate parking and access needs, and met all the city and building codes in that area. This project taught me a lot about city ordinances, building requirements, and other random things that I wouldn’t have thought of before. Though we did not win the competition, it was a great opportunity to work with other students to create an awesome project. If you want to see our presentation, click on the link below. 

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