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Main Floor Plan

This floor plan was inspired by the way the corners of log cabins are constructed, crisscrossing and slightly extending past one another. This level of the residence was reserved primarily for entertaining with the exception of the single master bedroom that is reserved for the owner’s of the lodge, Justin & Heather Williams.

Second Floor Plan

This level of the residence boasts views of the lake surrounding forestry throught he inclusion of a balcony and the many windows surrounding the expansive game room. Two large bunkrooms also reside on this level which are designed to comfortably hold the grandchildren of Heather & Justin Williams.

Basement Floor Plan

The basement is the level where Heather and Justin’s 6 children and their spouses rooms are located. Each couple has their own room with a walk-in closet and beautiful views of the outdoors. A fitness room and entertainment room are located on this floor as well to give the couples an opportunity to relax and enjoy at their leisure.

Exterior View

This Vacation Cabin, secluded amongst an abundance of trees, lies atop a hill close to Lake Tahoe’s Emerald Bay. The intent of this cabin’s design was to build a strong indoor-outdoor relationship that influences the users to get outside and enjoy the stunning scenery. This was accomplished through maximized views of the lake and the use of ample glass through doors as well as windows. The shape of the residence was produced from the way the corners of log cabins are constructed, crisscrossing and slightly extending past one another. The color scheme of the interiors was inspired by the natural tones of the flora and fauna that call Lake Tahoe their home, while the furnishings were chosen to mimic an industrial style, bringing natural elements into the residence.

Entrance / Living Room

This living room is surrounded by nature on all ends that can be seen through the stunning windows and glass doors, creating a sublime landing area to relax upon arrival. Neutral colors with subtle hints of blues were used to create a calming effect and turn the user’s attention to the beautiful outdoors and scenery that surround them.


With both an island and bar area, this kitchen offers an abundance of surface area to prepare delicious meals. Upper cabinetry was excluded given that the many surface areas account for a great deal of under cabinetry storage and so that magnificent views to the sparkling blue lake and lush green forests could be seen while toiling away in the kitchen

Fitness Room

The clients specifically asked for a fitness room in this expansive vacation lodge. To bring a sense of the outdoors in, wood siding surrounds the room on all sides with great views to the outdoors. A patio furthers this room’s connection to the nature easily within the user’s grasp.

Basement Bedroom

This cozy, down-to-earth bedroom beautifully ties in the industrial style that is portrayed throughout the vacation lodge. Woods and metals work hand in hand through the selected light fixtures and furniture to bring nature indoors, while the area rug, bench, and art provide a welcome pop of color.

Master Bedroom

This lovely master bedroom elegantly captures the appeal of the stunning crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe through the splendid area rug and blue comforter. The woods bring in the outdoors as well while adding interest through contrast.

Master Bathroom

Neutrals were used in this bathroom to create a calming area where the visitor can relax and enjoy some peaceful quiet. The contrasting darks and lights of the neutrals add interest and intrigue to this otherwise simple bathroom.

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