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This package and waste free grocery store located in the LEED certified neighborhood of Daybreak Utah is bettering the environment and the lives of those who use it. With a LEED Gold Certified rating and the help of Tayli Hillyard, a graduate in Environmental Studies and Landscape Architecture & Environmental planning, this store will be the most efficient and environmentally friendly as it can be. 

Waste from food and its packaging is increasing worldwide at an unmanageable rate. In the United States, packaging from food makes up nearly a quarter of landfill waste. Additionally, in the U.S. every year over 60 million metric tons of food a year is wasted and 32 million metric tons of it end up dumped in landfills. Almost half of the food purchased by people ends up in the trash because it goes bad too fast. That equates to $162 billion of food that goes to the landfill and adds to the methane issue in our atmosphere. Bare zero waste grocery store helps solve the issues of food and packaging waste. Goods and groceries will be stored in reusable bins and dispensers such as glass containers then to be poured into personal containers brought from home, or ones bought from the store. No item will be wrapped in plastic, and discounts will be offered for bringing your personal reusable containers and bags. Aiding to eliminate food waste, the amount of food purchased by Bare will be decreased and any perishables will be donated to soup kitchens and those in need. To further help the environment, Bare will provide the proper places to recycle atypical products such as batteries, plastic bags, and glass.