Madeleine Schappert


Who is your favorite interior designer?

My absolute favorite designer is Clodaugh. She engages in a holistic approach to design and does a phenomenal job of creating spaces that make you feel special.

What inspires you?

I am constantly inspired by my past experience and nature. I have lived in four different states up until now. The places I have lived in are Virginia, Michigan, Oregon, and now Utah. Each place I have lived in has given me a different cultural experience and it is so exciting to think in the many different ways this has impacted my life and driven me to this point of time.

What is your favorite design program to use?

My favorite design program is probably Adobe photoshop. It is so fun to jump in and fix up a 3D rendering or create a colored elevation.

Favorite city?

Boston has been my favorite city that I have traveled to thus far. There is so much culture and history to engage with, especially on the Liberty Trail.

Favorite book?

My favorite book is a Thousand Splendid Suns. The lives of the two main characters pull me in and I have at least read through it a few times because it is so empowering. It also makes me feel lucky and appreciative that I grew up with what I did.



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